Coach & Chef Kennedy

"As a 21 year military service member, I have trained alongside some of this country’s best “unknown” military athletes; dedicated to the health, personal goals and achievements of the service men and women who sought  assistance in improvement."

Personal trainer, workout buddy, gym motivator or the guy that makes you bust your butt every time….

I’m that trainer for you. Every squat, press or curl is a personal challenge that I will assist you in accomplishing and conquering.

What is your goal? That weight you want/need to be, those jeans/bikini you want to sport for the summer. We can accomplish, meet and surpass that goal by equipping you with the tools, fundamentals and confidence that you’ll need to make those unreachable goals a reality.

As a personal trainer I strive to assist each client in accomplishing their goals by ensuring that each client has just that; a personal training experience. No one person is the same and each person/client should feel that they are the focus of every training session. Strength, focus, encouragement and confidence are the key elements that each client will learn as well as the key fundamentals while executing various exercises to aid in achieving their goals.