Classes or Boot Camps 

Available 7 days a week!

6am-8pm monday - friday

1-3pm Sundays

Classes &

Boot Camps

  1. Group training: You will hit major muscle groups with weights, equipment & will improve strength, endurance, flexibility, with fun!
  2. Boot camp:Yes! you will be the recruit get ready to sweat your butt off and work harder than ever, Navy style.
  3. Fit test & evaluation: I will get your body measurements, body fat %, BMI %, diet changes and do a series of exercises to test your fitness. This is done every 4 weeks.
  4. Fit core class:360 degrees around that body, stomach to side to back around again! Spare tire? You wont have one after this class. 
  5. E-fit class: Similar to crossfit, with workouts of the day circuit training. Great for all levels.
  6. Fit Cardio: This class is a complete cardiovascular endurance building power house to get you moving!
  7. Diet, meal prep, &  taste seminar class: This will be a fun and educational class with samples of food, smoothies, snacks, & juices that we all will make. Any questions on what to eat and not, plus more. This will be a very fun event and a great chance to fellowship and meet people.
  8. ​Store tour: We will go to the store and take a tour of the isles you need to shop from and which ones to stay away from. Any questions on making choices on what to buy? I will be there with you in person to give you guidance on what to pick!