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You’ve made the decision to increase your fitness and health, and I am here to help you along. I warmly welcome and thank you. I would love to discuss your goals and how I can help you meet them.


Looking for an experienced, friendly, helpful trainer? Look no further!  My convenient  facility is just the beginning.

I am a highly-trained and experienced Certified Personal Trainer that can provide a variety of services.

Okay, OKAY lets dig deeper!

First off Hello, thank you again for visiting my page and if you are already a client , you are totally awesome and I truly APPRECIATE you from the bottom of my heart. I started training after high school when I joined the military. GO NAVY ! I loved the fact that with a little guidance and motivation I saw my family, friends, and sailors hit health and fitness goals.

Let me tell you I was not always fit. Yes, I played sports since the time I basically started pre-school to all 4 years in high school and travel the world like (Australia & New Zealand) as a sports ambassador for the U.S. I even played for the military on a traveling team! I still got fat and really out of shape off and on again)!

 My heaviest weight was about 210 lbs! I quickly found out that I am an emotional eater and I over eat at EVERY meal. I tried every diet, SERIOUSLY. From raw food vegan, diet pills, fasting, counting points, eating shipped meals and more. Only to find out that with the right support, motivation, lifestyle change, and portion control, and everything I loved in moderation was key, NOT SOME FAD. 

You may know, but if not, I am a NPC figure competitor now, a mother to an awesome girl, I am engaged to an awesome guy and I have 2 poodles!  I am a  military  Navy Veteran, and after I got Honorably discharged I went to school to become a Medical assistant, which I am now and in school for nursing. I have worked and volunteered in Doctor offices, hospitals, clinics, homes and gyms. I really feel like I am doing what I am passionate about and fulfilling my purpose in life by helping people holistically with health and fitness!


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Achieve your goals!

You have fitness goals. I have the resources and skills to make them a reality. However and whenever you like to work out, I've got you covered. Too good to be true? Check out all that we offer.


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